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No two sporting clays courses are alike and the number of shooting stations varies although typically is around a dozen. The types of target trajectories and terrain vary from course to course. Target types also vary and include regulat targets (thrown outgoing or incoming or crossing), rabbits, quail (small targets) and teal (straight up in the air).



Trap is the original clay target sport and has five shooting positions in a row. The target thrower (trap machine) is in front of and throws the target away from the shooter each time but with some variation in angle. 5 shots are taken from each of the 5 stations. 


American skeet is shot initially. International skeet is offered to advanced shooters if they are determined to be ready by the head skeet coach.

More advanced kids on the team also shoot double skeet.   

Each is type of skeet is shot on a semi-circular course.


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